Irish Brown Bread, Eating Feelings & Emergency Cheese

by kellybakes in ,

When I get stressed, I eat my feelings. I wish I were the type of gal who dons overpriced workout gear and goes for marathon-length runs, sprinting like a sweatless gazelle at the first hint of anxiety. Or one who reorganized their already-meticulous Pinterest-replica pantry when life even hinted that it might throw a punch or two. After nearly 28 years of being me, I can say with immense certainty: I am going to be neither of those women. I am one who finds solace in a spoon dripping with caramel sauce straight from the jar, who hugs a carton of ice cream instead of another human being, who finds carb catharsis and who stocks up on emergency cheese in all shapes and textures.

"Emergency cheese?! What's that?" you might ask. Well, dear reader, let me explain...

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