Gluten-Free Monk Fruit In the Raw Sugar Cookies for #EWR13

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Before we get to these delicious gluten-free sugar cookies, let's take a little flashback, shall we? Two years ago, I went to my first food blogging conference. I had just graduated from graduate school and decided to treat myself to Eat Write Retreat, an intimate conference for food bloggers focused on learning new skills in things like writing, food styling, photography and blog PR/social media practices. It made me realize that blogging could be more than sporadically posting yellow-tinged pictures of my dinner with a brief description underneath. It could be a thing. With styled pictures and sensory, evocative descriptions. I met people who were doing it, and doing it big. I even had the opportunity to work with brands, promoting their products and giving my own "brand" exposure...

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On Vanilla-thons, Gluten-Free Baking & Empathy

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Hello. My name is Kelly and I suffer from chronic empathy. Okay, so maybe 'suffer' is a bit harsh, but it is fair to say that sometimes my overwhelming desire to relate to others has caused me a bit of pain. My earliest empathetic memory stems from third grade: I would lie to my friends about the A's I got on tests and say that I got far lower marks so that they wouldn't feel so bad about their own exams. It continued well into adulthood, as I made friends by sharing embarrassing stories to put new friends at ease. I'm self-deprecating because I like you. I overshare because I'm excited to have something in common with you. Take it as a compliment...

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