Meet Kelly

Why hello there!

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is HOV. ...kidding, it's Kelly, if you hadn't already guessed. Though if you got that Jay Z reference, we should probably be friends.

I'm a stress-baker appropriately hailing from the Nutmeg State. I like long walks on the beach, crossword puzzles, late 90's rap music and eating my feelings. I also make a mean marshmallow.

In 2009, I packed up my vintage Kitchenaid and kissed Connecticut goodbye to move to Philly and pursue a Master's Degree in English. A few weeks in, the stress of grad school got to me and I found solace in late-night baking sessions. I soon realized that I spent more time reading cookbooks than Hemingway and Dickens, so I decided to start a food blog to chronicle my adventures in the kitchen. 

My heart has always been split between words and food; I express my emotions through baking and try to describe my world with words through food. My blog is that effort, made public. It's a bit of my life, mixed with musings, pretty photos and the requisite butter, flour and sugar you'd expect from any baking blog :) 

I hope you'll stick around and while you're here, don't be a stranger! Leave a comment & tell me a little about yourself, subscribe to get posts via email, find me on facebook, twitter, instagram or google+. Let's be friends!

oh and if you'd like to repost a recipe or photo, contact me first. Stealing isn't very nice :)