rainbow pokemon cupcakes!

by kellybakes in

My friend Anne posted a link to some rainbow cupcakes on my facebook wall a few months back. If you know anything about my brain and baking, you'll know that when I get the idea to do something or I see something I want to bake, it won't leave my head until I try it out. So you can imagine how antsy I was to make these for Anne's birthday, especially after our schedules didn't work out and I had to wait until I got back from Ireland to try them out. It was probably for the best, though, because after I learned to make fondant from scratch, I had a fantastic idea to decorate them.

Here's the process and the results. 

 oh the untouched, perfectly proportioned batter... I have plans for you, don't you worry! muahahaha.
 enamored by the food coloring marbling effect while mixing
 ready to pour into cupcake liners!

ready for the oven!

I was pretty pleased with the way they came out and really glad she liked them! I hope they were worth the wait! :)