literary cupcakes: Moby Dick

by kellybakes in

Well readers, my second English degree is all but mine. I passed my giant exam (can I get an amen?!) last Friday and life has slowed down significantly. Unfortunately for some of my fellow English majors, classes still slugged on for another week and that meant three 20 page papers in the span of a week and a half or so. I don't miss those days for a second. Anyway, several of my friends were trudging through Melville papers, feeling as though they were tackling the mighty white whale themselves with no end in sight. Because I was done with academic work forever (yes, forever), I thought it'd be nice to whip up something to reward them for their effort. 

I present to you: Moby Dick cupcakes!
[WARNING: disturbing fondant images ahead!]
Moby Dick cupcakes!

Moby Dick cupcakes!
I brought them to karaoke at McGillian's in Center City on Wednesday and they were quite a hit. Everyone (myself included) couldn't believe I managed to whip them up in an hour and a half (frosting, fondant, cupcakes and all!). And, as one friend put it, "Those cupcakes you made still blow my mind. Only you could make clouds of bloody seawater look THAT delectable."

Melville, I hope you'd be proud.