sugar and spice and everything...good for you?

by kellybakes in

...that's what these donuts are made of. This past weekend, Casey of Tastespotting tweeted about a recipe for baked sweet potato donuts that I couldn't pass up. I've been trying to reduce food waste and only make things with ingredients I already have, so this recipe was a big help to me and the unused bag of sweet potatoes that was hanging out on my kitchen counter.
The donuts were a big hit at my office--my boss is always reminding us to eat healthy, so she couldn't resist these little guys when I told her they were loaded with sweet potatoes and baked, not fried. I'm pretty particular about donuts because I don't eat them that often, but I didn't feel the least bit guilty about having a second [or third] of these tiny, cakey, sugar-sprinkled treats.
Check out the recipe over at Fifteen Spatulas. I added some ginger and cloves to the batter in lieu of nutmeg and it definitely made for a fall-ish flavor. If I were to them again [I most likely will], I would invest in a larger circle cutter to make them bigger, leaving more room for the fluffy interior. I neglected to look at the very helpful and very lovely pictures as I was following the recipe, so I would also roll the dough out a little thicker than I did.
If you're looking for a healthy alternative to the average donut, give these guys a try--the only things you'll miss are the fat and extra calories!