i'm baaaack

by kellybakes in

If you thought I ran off and started culinary school, I'm sorry to disappoint you [okay and me too, but isn't it pretty to think so? ...Hemingway? anyone? Bueller?]. Just because I'm not off chasing one dream, doesn't mean I'm not working on another. I assure you, exciting things are afoot in the life of Ms. Kelly Cakes. For one, I've finally moved to Philly, so this whole "let-me-tell-you-what-Philly's-got-to-eat-besides-cheesesteak" thing can actually happen more frequently. Oddly enough, now that I'm here and eating in restaurants, I don't really want to write about it. I have a new friend who used to do it for a living and he knows the inner workings and history of the food scene here that I could never do it justice. So, I guess that's all to say that this blog is in flux and will most likely evolve into something truer to my experience with food and how it shapes my life [yes, it's gotten to be that serious]. Stay tuned.
So in addition to graduating from grad school while working full time planning and organizing a bridging program for 120+ students, job hunting, interviewing, apartment searching, packing my entire life up by myself, and moving to the city, I was baking. Dear readers, I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't the only thing keeping me sane. Not knowing whether I'd be homeless in a week or having to move my life (not to mention the contents of my baking closets [and yes, that's plural]) four hours away was daunting. The thought of not finding a job once my temporary position ended gave me a fair share of anxiety attacks, especially when I knew that Sallie Mae would come a-calling in a few months, palms extended and that greedy look in her eye...
So, I baked.
And I ate...
There were good cupcakes...
...bad cupcakes...
...and free [good] cupcakes.
Now that summer has come and gone, I'm excited to be settling into my new job, my new apartment, my new church and my new city. I'm thankful for all of the change thus far, but happy to have time return to blogging and food photography. Maybe now that I've cancelled my cable, I can finally get to unpacking those last few boxes so I can really give all this food stuff (the baking, the blog, the food styling/photography, even the food memoirs I got 3/4 through and never finished) the attention it deserves. Stay with me, friends. I have a feeling amazing things are yet to come...