beer and donuts and puppies, oh my!

by kellybakes in

IMG_3566Wait, did she just say puppies? Yes, yes I did.

Yesterday morning as I was perusing my much-neglected Google Reader feed, I stumbled upon an event for a beer & donut pairing to benefit P.A.W.S. Now, if you know me, you can probably imagine how happy I was to discover an event that combined three things near and dear to my little heart: beer (and local, at that!), donuts and helping animals.

IMG_3557 Had the event featured any old donuts, I may have said no and just mailed P.A.W.S. a check and gone straight home from work, but I couldn't say no to cinnamonny Krispy Kremes that were perfect for a fall day.

IMG_3564When my flight of beer & donuts came, I couldn't help but want to capture the moment. Because I had found out about the event at work, I didn't have my camera with me. Not caring if anyone thought me strange, I grabbed my flash-less iPhone 3GS, plate of donuts and my three glasses of beer (not an easy task, might I add) and headed to a sunny window ledge to photograph the sugary goodness before me.


As I was artfully arranging things and clicking away with my phone's camera, a woman approached me to ask if I was a foodblogger. This caught me off guard. I rarely get asked this question. I'm used to people giving me strange looks when I take pictures of my food in restaurants and explaining that I have a food blog, but I've never actually called myself a foodblogger. I paused, stood up a little straighter and said, "Why, yes I am a foodblogger." cue: a strange and oddly exhilarating burst of confidence. I suddenly felt legitimized in my obsessive Food Network watching, picture-taking in restaurants, instagramming everything I eat, food-tweeting (and re-tweeting) and late-night baking binges. Having a title (and owning it) made me feel less like a snap-happy weirdo with a sweet tooth and more like someone on a mission to share her love of food with whoever happened to click on her blog. It was a lot to process in a moment, but it was a relief to feel like I finally fit the label I had never thought myself worthy of.

IMG_3558As if coming to terms with my blogging prowess wasn't enough, I was validated moments later when Kiley (the woman who asked if I was a blogger) asked about my blog and offered to have the flight taken off my bill. Did someone say winning?

So, to sum up: (FREE) donuts, (FREE) beer, helping puppies, and feeling 2 legit 2 quit.

oh and duck fries. IMG_3568 can't forget about the duck fries.