Happy Canada Day! + exciting news!

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Canada Day Cookies

Happy Canada Day!

You're probably wondering why I would be sending you celebratory greetings about my neighbor to the north and staging these glorious cookies on top of (America: the book). Well, kids, let me explain...I had no Canadian friends until a year ago. Then, I met a fantastic group of folks at Eat, Write, Retreat and well, my twitter feed kept getting filled with more and more talented, delightful Canadian food bloggers. I'd follow along, reading their blogs, looking at their photos and wondering why I had flown to Europe so many times but never once drove the 6 hours to cross the border.


So, when an opportunity arose a few months ago to go to a conference in Vancouver, I jumped on it, wrote four proposals with a coworker and got word that we got the green light to go in mid-July. I was super excited to finally venture north, but as the reality of actually going set in, I quickly realized just how little I knew about Canada.

I didn't want to seem completely ignorant, so I did what any American in need of knowledge does: I googled. Well, that and I annoyed some of my Canadian friends with questions. With heavy sighs and several did-she-really-just-ask-that headshakes, they answered all of my questions about poutine (it has been confirmed as delicious by several sources...and yes, it's my #1 food to try when I visit), mounties, maple syrup, Molson and moose (I'm noticing an M theme here...). During one of these sessions of patience-testing, they made me aware of Canada Day, a national holiday celebrating the unification of the three colonies of Canada within a single country. [It happened on July 1st 1867, for those of you like me who were not previously in the know]

So, to thank all of my dear friends to the north, I thought I'd do what I do best: bake. I'd love to send you all some cookies, but as I learned in February, that might take a while. Instead, I'll sit on my couch in Philly, donning red and white, anticipating my upcoming trip to your great country, eating these flag shortbreads and thanking Canada for each and every one of you and the greatness you all bring to my Google Reader, Twitter feed and my life generally. Happy Canada Day, friends!

IMG_0007[also, please channel the patience of my Canadian friends & forgive my terrible exposure; I just got a new DSLR and am figuring out what the heck I'm doing!]

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