Lemon Curd Mascarpone Ice Cream: Guest Post for A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis

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One of my favorite things about food blogging is that it has the potential to introduce you to people you would have otherwise never connected with in real life. I've met so many wonderful people through tweets, instagram, blogs and conferences that I might not have otherwise met. One of those people is Chef Dennis Littley of A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis. I had read his blog a few times and followed him on Twitter, but it wasn't until a fellow Philly food blogger organized a Google+ event that we met in person. He had a ton of insight to add to the conversation--he's a G+ pro and even uses Google Hangouts to give cooking demonstrations to students across the globe...at the same time! [crazy, right?]

Anyway, I really got the chance to chat with him on the way to Big Summer Potluck after he graciously offered to give me a ride [thank you again, Chef!]. We talked about social media, food photography, SEO, blog hits and, of course, food. I will say this, he's a chef for a reason: the guy can cook! If you haven't checked out his blog, I'd highly recommend it. His recipes are delicious, easy to follow and demonstrate his years of culinary experience! [and if that isn't a reason to go, his triple chocolate pecan fudge brownies are!] IMG_4251

I've only done one guest post before, but it was a simple recipe that I had made plenty of times before. Because Chef Dennis has serious culinary chops, I didn't want to post a humdrum cupcake recipe. Instead, I chose lemon curd mascarpone ice cream: just a touch tart, a creamy texture that was delicate and lovely. I hate super-rich ice cream on hot days (who wants carbface in the sweltering heat?) so this light yet rich treat is perfect for a muggy August Day, but light enough for a treat in the wintertime (maybe over some gingerbread? :) Hop on over to Chef Dennis's blog to get the recipe!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

kelly xo