Friday I'm in Love: 2/1/13

by kellybakes in

This week is all about trying new things. Podcasting, British cask beer, and something fun for this blog. I often stumble upon great articles, blogs and videos during the week that I save using a fantastic app called Pocket. At the end of the week, I like to take a look back at what I found interesting over the course of the last seven days. I've been doing it for a while and thought it might be fun to share with y'all. I'm calling it Friday I'm in love! This piece got me thinking about the American diet and how much food I buy.

I also found myself answering some tough questions.

...and wanting several of these.

Do fermented foods represent ideologies? My friend Maddie thinks so!

I wouldn't even miss the flour in a chocolate torte that looked this gorgeous.

My favorite mall beverage just got a whole lot classier.

I might need to watch this Tedx Talk every week for a year.

Valentine's Day is in two weeks! (in case you needed a reminder to start planning what you're going to bake)

oh and tonight was the series finale of 30 Rock. But I am postponing watching because this week has been so stellar that I don't want to be sad that there's a Liz Lemon-shaped hole in my heart. She's sort of my role model [the square glasses, brunette hair, the Philly thing, the nerdy thing, dating experiences, and, most importantly her feeling towards food and thoughts on sandwiches] and I'll be sad to only have her in re-run form.

Until next week! Have a good one!