Friday I'm in Love: Favorites for 3/8/13

by kellybakes in

Forgive me for falling off the bandwagon on these Friday Favorites posts. Between getting sick and an overly hectic week or so at work, I haven't been as good as I should have about posting these!

Each Friday, I clean out my Pocket app (think of it as Pinterest for web links that lets you read them in a format similar to Google Reader) and share all the stuff I love from the week.

This week, I'm in love with...

1. THESE NAILS. All the things you love on the interwebs on your fingertips!

2. THIS ARTICLE. A shocking look at the food industry and how it got us hooked on processed foods, sugars, salts & fats. As someone with a baking blog, I think about sugar all the time and how only presenting sweets can come across to readers. It's important to consider everything in moderation and after reading this, I'm at least glad that I bake or cook most of the food I eat and don't buy a lot of pre-packaged food...

3. Speaking of the dangers of processed foods, THIS NEW BOOK will equip you with recipes to recreate some of your favorite childhood snacks (Twinkies, Cheetos, Tastykakes and Fruit Roll-Ups, anyone?). I met Casey in Philly yesterday and she's just as sweet as the treats in her book!

4. THESE TIPS ON BEING A BETTER WRITER. They seem obvious and overly simple, but the reminder is always welcome to my distracted brain!

5. Speaking of reminders, I've been slammed over the head with the realization that somewhere along the way I've stunted my own creativity. Thank goodness for THESE 10 IDEAS.

6. THIS GROUP OF BLOGGERS. Our first swap was this month and my stomach is already in love.

7. THIS INGREDIENT. We've podcasted about it before, but any liquor that will not only have me thinking of spring and "gussy up" traditional cocktails is fiiiine by me.