Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts

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Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts

Remember those Dulce de Leche Digestive Cookies I shared with you last week? What if I told you that they were one of the four ingredients needed to make a quick and simple version of a classic dessert popular in Ireland and the UK?

Curious, my dear reader? Read on! 

Ireland holds a special place in my heart. My dad's side is Irish, I'm born two days before St. Patrick's Day, my first name is Irish and I did my capstone project for my Master's on representations of women as Ireland in 19th century non-canonical literature (thrilling, I know!). Plus, I've spent time all over the country--from cupcakes in St. James Square and learning to pour the perfect pint of Guinness in Dublin, to curbside cheese feasts and hanging out with cute Irish rockstars in Cork, to breaking the rules at the Cliffs of Mohr and eating brown bread ice cream in Dingle.

inis mor, ireland

It wasn't until my most recent trip that I truly fell in love with the Emerald Isle. I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig in a study abroad program for graduate students and spent my summer in Galway. Being the only grad student in a group of 25 undergrads was challenging at times because I was in a different place in my life and it was sometimes hard to relate. When I needed some time to myself, I went on adventures, reading by the beautiful Bay, trying new pubs, chatting up locals, making friends with the Donut Monger and testing out nearly every bakery in the city center.

the galway donut man
Griffin's Pastries

On one of those trips, I had my first taste of Banoffee Pie, a simple but decadent dessert. The crust is traditionally made with crushed digestive cookies (similar to a graham cracker crust). Next comes a layer of gooey, caramel toffee. Slices of banana are placed on top of that and the whole thing is covered with fluffy whipped cream. It's like a banana cream pie that skips right to the good stuff and subs toffee for pudding. Genius, if you ask me.

When Jen of Jen's Favorite Cookies asked me to participate in a St. Patrick's Day recipe roundup, I knew I wanted to make this pie. In thinking about how to interpret this dessert, I originally wanted to make a whole pie and put a spin on it. It can be tough to find digestive cookies, so I thought about subbing graham cracker crumbs instead. A quick google search and a trip to the King Arthur Flour page showed me that I could easily make the digestive biscuits myself. And as I thought more about the size and shape of each cookie, I thought, "If banoffee pie is just digestives, toffee, bananas and whipped cream, why bother making a whole pie when I can just make individual servings?" Thus, I give you:

Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts. (Four ingredients and five steps, in pictures)

Digestive Biscuits

Step 1: Set out a few digestive biscuits (you can buy them or, if you can't find them, you can bake your own)

Dulce De Leche Digestive

Step 2: Cover with toffee, dulce de leche or caramel sauce.

Dulce de Leche Digestive

**Tip** Remember, to be generous with the toffee, caramel or dulce de leche! Traditional banoffee pie has a nice layer of caramelly goodness below the bananas!

Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts

Step 3. Top with a few sliced bananas. (Torching the bananas with a kitchen torch is also an option!)

Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts

Step 4. Pipe on a bit of whipped cream (homemade is best, but you could use canned in a pinch!)

Mini Banoffee Pie Tarts

Step 5: Plate the tart and drizzle with toffee, dulce de leche or caramel sauce & Enjoy!

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