Friday I'm in Love: 3/22/13 Favorites

by kellybakes in

Well, here we are again. A week has gone by. I'm another year older. Another year wiser? Totally debatable. Still, I've stumbled upon some pretty awesome stuff this week, including a replacement for Google Reader. This week, I'm in love with:

1. Keeping it natural. Particularly THIS METHOD of dying Easter eggs.

2. My hometown. [well, that's all the time] and THIS RECIPE, which is based on a Meriden staple, which I LOVE.

God bless Connecticut.

3. Citrus, still. The winter citrus is coming to an end, but it won't stop me from gawking over THIS TART.

4. THIS QUOTE, which I should probably tattoo on my hands or paint on my ceiling so I see it when I first wake up every day.

5. Friends who erase distance. When I go home, I feel like I've never left. THIS ARTICLE from one of my college professors [who I also loved having!] explains more.

6. Tea weather. With a side of something delicious like THIS CAKE.

7. THIS ALBUM. It reminds me a lot of this guy, who I also love dearly.

8. Perspectives. Particularly THIS ONE considering how many good friends I have with Celiac's Disease.

9. Challenging yourself. Like THIS GAL [& THESE PEOPLE] did. [oh and butter makes everything wayyy better]

10. Challenging yourself. [yep, I said it twice] Recognizing that you are in want of certain skills, like food photography and finding ways to improve upon them like THIS PROGRAM.

What are you in love with this week? Leave me a comment and let's chat about it!

Have a great week!