Easter Treats: Chocolate Covered Oreo Chicks

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chocolate covered oreo chicks for Easter

As I have discovered this month, sometimes the best things to come out of the kitchen happen as a result of keeping things simple. From miniaturizing banoffee pie in less than 6 steps to DIY takes on classic snacks to surprisingly simple homemade Reese's peanut butter eggs, my March has been filled with tasty treats without a lot of hassle. In keeping with this theme, I thought I'd end the month with another holiday treat that's quick to make, adorable to look at and (best of all!) a fun way to get your kids into the kitchen with you: Chocolate Covered Oreo Chicks for Easter!

And because the all-pictures banoffee pie post was a hit, I thought I'd also show you these chocolate covered oreo chicks in pictures. They're just that easy to make! Read on for the recipe & instructions...

Chocolate Covered Oreo Chicks Recipe

You'll need:

- Approximately 1-2 cups white chocolate (I used chocolate melts, but feel free to use your favorite white chocolate. You can also use colored candy melts in yellow and orange.) -Oil-Based Candy Coloring((this is important!! Regular drop food coloring and gel food coloring is water-based and will seize the chocolate!)) -Chocolate Covered Oreo Mold, optional (like this one. Alternatively, you can dip each oreo in the yellow white chocolate and smooth with an off set spatula) -Small sandwich bag with a small piece of the corner cut off (this will act as a makeshift piping bag for piping the beak) -Toothpick (for the eyes)

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white chocolate.jpg
melted white chocolate.jpg
colored white chocolate.jpg
molds and oreos
chocolate covered oreo chicks for Easter
chocolate covered oreo chicks for Easter
chocolate covered oreo chicks for Easter
Chocolate Covered Easter Chicks.jpg

Happy Easter!!