And now for something completely different...

by kelly vass

I'm not one to make decisions on the fly or change my life on a whim. I don't view my life in the big picture and will stay with what's comfortable at the cost of my own happiness rather than rock the boat. Case & point: When I first moved to Pennsylvania, I knew within a week that grad school wasn't for me, but I stayed because I was afraid to break my lease. Stupid, I know. Luckily, I made the best of my situation, but looking back, I didn't put my best interests first and, by staying, I made things much tougher than they had to be. 

That mentality completely changed recently when I fell in love with the sweetest boy, quit my job and decided to move back to Connecticut. 

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Dinner in the Field: Where Does Your Food Come From?

by kelly vass in

Do you know where your food comes from? Mine came from Cindi Filaski, the farmer who grew my collard & kale greens for the Seasons on the Farm dinner in the field, an evening to benefit the Food Bank of Delaware and honor the hard work and efforts of Delaware farmers held at the beautiful Woodside Farm Creamery in Hockessin, DE. 

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Stepping Off the Bus

by kellybakes in

Have you ever had a movie moment? One where you can see your life playing out in slow motion in front of you? One that feels so surreal that you can almost hear the piano-y music playing in the background as you make a split-second decision to face your fears and do the most mortifying thing you can think of?...

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