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Natrel Lactose Free Chocolate Orange Mousse Parfaits

Natrel Lactose Free Chocolate Orange Mousse Parfaits

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Mr. Coffee Latte
Natrel  Lactose-Free Campaign
The Spice House

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FoodieCrush Magazine - "Cookies for a Cause" - "A Resolution: Making a Better Donut" January 2013 - "What Not To Do At a Philly Swapper's Meeting" February 2013
Redbook Magazine - "15 Gorgeous and Delicious Fruity Cocktails"
The Glitter Guide - Fresh + Fruity Cocktails
The Huffington Post Canada - "Coffee Crisp Recipes: 10 Ways to Make The Chocolate Bar Better"

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Good. Food. Stories. - "Connecticut's Best Burgers"

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